We are a Family to Children without one

Mission: James 1:27 states “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and keep oneself from being polluted by the world.” As Christians, we are mandated to care for widows and orphans. Through Project 1:27, we plan to partner with local organizations such as Child Abuse Prevention Association (CAPA), to show love and share Christ with orphans in a number of ways.

Contact: If you are interested in getting involved with Project 127 or any of the following projects, please contact Jaimie Rabon-Achor at (843)575-5444 or send an email to jaimie@capabeaufort.org

How You Can Help

The Link Work Days

 We will have different “teams” working together to do maintenance on the CAPA shelter and CAPA office. The purpose of the work days are to take care of maintenance needs around the CAPA buildings that they need assistance with. The following teams are:

Landscaping team: This team will cut grass, weed eat, and do any necessary landscaping that is needed.

Handyman group: This group will help by repairing anything that the CAPA staff has informed us is needed (Ex: repairing damaged dresser drawers, patching holes, etc).

Pressure washers: Will be pressure washing the exterior of the shelter, office, and garage buildings. As well as pressure washing all driveways and walkways.

Cleaning crew: The cleaning crew will work to clean inside the shelter and office. This will involve vacuuming, dusting, mopping, cleaning windows, bathrooms, and kitchens.


Monthly – Every month The Link takes part in signing anywhere from 5-10 birthday cards for children in foster care in Region 3 (Beaufort, Jasper, Allendale, Colleton, Hampton). Moes of Beaufort has agreed to give each child 2 $5 gift cards that we will be including in their birthday cards. If you would like to participate by donating gift cards, you can drop them in the black buckets at church on Sunday, or call/text Jaimie (843)575-5444. It’s a small and simple gift, but it’s a birthday present many of the children otherwise wouldn’t receive.


October/November/December – The Angel Wishes are the Christmas wishes that each foster child gets. Each Angel Wish contains the child’s age, gender, clothes sizes, and their 3 wishes for Christmas presents. The Link will take part in collecting Christmas presents for the children in Region 3. Each child is asked what 3 “wishes” they would like to receive for Christmas that year. CAPA fulfills all 3 wishes for every single child, in addition to giving each child multiple other gifts. In 2015, they provided Christmas presents for 409 children. If you are interested in helping purchase Christmas presents for the children in foster care, we will begin in October. We need help purchasing clothes and toys, as well as sorting all of the presents for the children.
Small groups:


On Saturdays from 9-12, every small group is invited to sign up for working at CAPA’s Closet. (Located at 1340 Ribaut Rd). The thrift store is a vital asset for financially supporting the OACH shelter, it brings in over 50% of the proceeds to keep the shelter open. With CAPA being a non-profit organization, they are unable to hire an abundance of staff members, so they rely majorly on volunteers. Follow this link to find out more information about CAPA’s Closet.


CAPA plans outings for the children that they need helpers for. Not only do they have a need for outing helpers, but they also need help planning the outings. These outings can involve taking the children to the park, going bowling or to the movies, planning a pool party or cookout, anything that is a safe environment and allows the children a chance to get out and enjoy themselves. 


The children love to socialize and meet new people. With numerous children in the shelter and only a couple of staff members, it can be difficult to give each child the undivided attention they deserve. The shelter is always eager to have volunteers for extra hands to help with homework, bath time, cooking dinner, or bringing meals over already cooked. This requires passing a background screening, and going through a 2 hour training.


Parent Aides are also known as parent coaches. This program was recently developed to have individuals partner with parents that realize that they need help parenting. The purpose of this program is to stop the cycle of abuse. Many people become abusive parents because they had abusive parents, and it’s a repetitive vicious cycle. Parent Aides teach positive parenting techniques to help parents learn how to be better parents. The commitment of a Parent Aide is once a week, for up to a year. They will be responsible for going into the homes, monitoring the parent/child interactions, and teaching positive parenting techniques.


CAPA is a non-profit organization that relies on fundraisers and donations to be able to keep the shelter open, and continue to raise awareness for child abuse. They have annual events such as the Ghost Tours (in October), KidsFest (in April) and the CAPA Auction (in the Spring) that they need volunteers to help plan and orchestrate. Check out some of the events here.


By far one of the most challenging but rewarding tasks we can take on with Project 127, is becoming a resource family. A resource family is also known as a “foster family.” The title was recently changed to a resource family because they realize how critical it is for the family to be involved in the case management for the child, they realized they’re a valuable ‘resource’. Not everyone is called to be a resource parent. But if you feel God is laying it on your heart to learn more about becoming a resource family, there are many children who are in need of a safe environment and loving family. Learn more here.


In order for CAPA to continue to grow by reaching children who are affected by abuse, they need to make people aware of the significance of the issue. CAPA staff and volunteers appear at many fairs and expos and need more speakers to help speak on their behalf. This involves speaking about CAPA as an organization, what they do, how they do it, and about the critical negative effects of child abuse. If you are interested in learning more about CAPA, or joining in raising awareness for child abuse, please call/text Jaimie (843) 575-5444