Our leadership team recognizes the authority of God, and realizes that we are shepherds who serve under the Chief Shepherd, Jesus Christ. We desire to devote ourselves to prayer and to the ministry of the Word. Our passion and goal is to equip the believers for the work of the ministry until we all attain maturity in the fullness of Christ.


Chad Barr, Senior Pastor

My name is Chad Barr and I am the Senior Pastor at The Link Church. I took this position in our church in August 2016. I was our church’s Youth Pastor since we started but God has moved me into this position and I could not be happier or more excited. I look forward to where God takes us from here and would love for you to consider joining with us as we minister to people of our community, our state, our nation, and our world.

My wife, Amy, and I have been married since 2000. She is a 4th or 5th grade teacher depending on the year and she is the best that I know. We have 3 kids, Alexis, Sebbastian, and Ja’Nayah. We love them and they have added much joy and love to our family. I could not imagine my life apart from them. We also have 2 dogs currently, Champ is a Lab and Polly is a Pit Bull. They are great companions as well.

I would love to talk to you or have you come hang out at The Link Church with us. We meet on Sunday mornings from 10:30-12 in the gym of the YMCA. Please contact me at thelinkchurchpastor@gmail or at (843) 812-9048 anytime if you have any questions.

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William “Mac” McClelland, Pastor

My name is William McClelland, or just Mac. I am passionate about the biblical education of God’s people and motorcycles. I lived most of my life apart from the Lord. But in 2003 I borrowed a Bible from my mother, read it and realized that the Bible just made sense. Everything it contained matched up with what the world had to show me. I was on fire for more and more information about God, His word, and the reasonableness of being a Christian. My passion to learn more lead me to Liberty University where I earned my Bachelor of Science in Religion, and Master of Arts in Discipleship Ministry.
I love playing music. I have been playing the bass guitar for about twenty years and play in a local band here in town. I also enjoy riding my motorcycle. To me there is nothing quite as relaxing as riding for hours through the countryside on my bike. I also love to read. Some of my favorite authors are Norman Geisler, Elmer Towns, Louis L’Amour and Ed Hindson.
I have been married to my wonderful wife for 10 years and we have 5 child (Nate, Fernando, Jeremiah, Sydney and Little Mac) and 3 dogs (Toby, Sophie, Peanut and Milo). My wife Alyssa is a Nurse Practitioner and works Beaufort Memorial Hospital. It is my heartfelt desire to see people connect with God and with each other.

Kirk O’Leary, Worship Director

My name is Kirk O’Leary, some people call me SWIG which stands for “Short White Irish Guy” and the motorcycle community knows me as “Pothole”, my nickname given to me many years ago for my ability to find them on every ride we take! I am a retired Firefighter with 29 years of combined service with Camp Taylor FD in Louisville Ky, Hilton Head Island FD and Bluffton Township FD in SC. I also spent some time in the 11th Special Forces with the US Army Reserves and a small stint in the US Air National Guard as a Crash Fire Rescue Technician.
My wife and I, Barbara, have two wonderful daughters, one of which gave us our greatest treasure ever….a grandson by the name of Jaxston! We own a horse farm in Seabrook SC called the Deep Sigh Equestrian Center, where we board and care for over 12 horses (on average)….
I have been playing music for almost 40 years now…Trombone was my first passion and then I picked up a guitar and never turned back. My mother and father were exceptional pianist, with an ability to blend notes together seamlessly while playing….A true art that I strive for each time I play. Music is so much a part of my life that I cannot imagine what it would be like without it. I play acoustic music around town at different venues and I am the lead singer of a blues band as well.
If you notice that I did not mention anything about God in any of these paragraphs, it’s because I didn’t know much about him until about three years ago…Oh, I believed he existed, but I didn’t know in what manner or how much of what I had or did was His doing and not mine…And then I found the Link Church, and guess what? I found Jesus there! As a matter of fact I found Him Everywhere! It was like every sermon was about me, and my life…and it was a wonderful thing! I was asked to play with the worship team by my good friend Mac, and after a few years of doing so, I was asked to lead it! I don’t really ask myself how I got to this point, because now I know…Through Him, everything is possible!
I can go on and on here, but if you want to hear more of my story and my walk, feel free to call me anytime! And remember, those who sing pray twice!

Tony Satterfield, Youth Director

My name is Tony and I am 27 years old. I am originally from Hampton, SC but have recently moved to Beaufort in March of 2017. Before moving to Beaufort, I drove to The Link every Sunday. Even though I grew up in church, I really never connected or got it and fell out of love with it. I had a hard time with the traditional model and it never clicked. After life sucked for a while, I wanted to give it another shot, but wanted something different, so that is where Beaufort come into place, which I have always loved Beaufort. Well I was going to church shop and started and ended at The Link. I have been going to The Link for over two years and have a partner for over a year. I have to say, The Link has truly helped me overcome fear which I have struggled with all my life and I never thought that I would overcome it. I could not and would not want to imagine my life without The Link. They have helped me connect to God and others. But I am an ER Tech full time at Colleton Medical Center. I have a license for Pharmacy Tech and a certificate in Phlebotomy. Thanks to The Link I am a sucker for relationships, friendships and opportunities. I would love for you to be a part of our youth group. To see how God is going to use you. I recently took over as the youth director and can’t wait to see what God is going to do!